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Aurora Springs Honey was founded in 2007. The founder, twelve at the time, wanted to provide the community with the best honey her bees could make.

Natural Raw Honey

Leighton Elementary School, the Medina Beekeeper's Association, and several more.

    Currently, I have over ten hives of my own. I work with a mentor who is down to about forty hives.

    I now sell my honey at five Farmer's Markets through out Northeast Ohio, and at two local stores.

  • Pure Honey
  • All Natural
  • Raw and Unprocessed
  • Locally Grown  
  • Healthy 
  • Nutritious
  • Ethically Collected

My Story:

     I'm Nicole Shimandle. I started beekeeping at nine years old, when my neighbor, who has been keeping bees since the '50s, needed an extra hand to carry equipment asked me for help. He started telling me what he was looking for in the hive. This started becoming a regular thing, and I loved learning about the bees. The next year I got my own hive, which nine years later is still going strong, through the Portage County 4H club Creatures 'n' Features.

    I started volunteering at the Hudson Farmer's Market only to find out that their old honey vendor left them. People were looking for honey at the market, so I started a booth. At twelve, I was their youngest vendor.

​     I have given lectures about bees for many different organizations, including the Portage County Library, Hudson Montessori School, 

Aurora Springs Honey

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